There are misconceptions in the market regarding what an ERP is capable of and the approach it has since it is believed that it is only useful for a few companies when in practice it can be integrated into almost any type or size of any business or company

Although it is true that where they are going to be extremely vital will be in the sectors of distribution, manufacturing, commerce, construction or service sector because by their types of processes the help of an ERP will be very considerable.

Let’s have a look at what ERP in UAE is capable of and how is it helping different department of companies

Information Management

Being able to measure the performance of our processes is very important in order to evaluate how the company evolves and to set goals and future steps to be taken.

But when company grows it becomes a very complicated task to calculate manually the sales margins, the profit ratio and other types of metrics.

An ERP brings automation to the business since it allows all of our employees to access shared data without the need to make manual records.

Thanks to this system that we can also generate synchronized reports based on the metrics that interest us at all times, so we will be able to make decisions more quickly and safely.

Unification Of Processes

ERP system integrates all the functions of the company in a unified platform. There are still a large number of companies that continue to store their data in various places and systems.

By being able to centralize our information, we will be much faster and more agile when we want to access this data, so we will achieve a great increase in our efficiency.


In an ERP system processes are simplified and routine tasks can be performed through simple and intuitive interfaces to use, allowing employees to acquire information that is relevant to their type of work.

When we have to export a customized report or for some type of presentation, the ERP will facilitate the work for each worker, so we will obtain greater productivity.

Business Accounting

If business wants to grow, it will have significant difficulties in the accounting procedures if they are still carried out manually or if relevant departments such as sales, accounting, finance or human resources cannot have access to shared data.

When we are doing financial reports or daily accounting tasks we will have to spend a great amount of time that could be easily reduced with the use of an ERP software systems. Using this system to integrate and analyze financial data will improve employee productivity and reduce wait times drastically.

Modular and Integrated System

ERPs integrate a multitude of essential processes to be able to manage a company in a single database.

Among these processes, we can highlight inventory management and orders, accounting, human resources or customer relationship management (CRM). By being able to streamline all these processes under the same system effectively, the ERP will provide us with a shared database in which we will have multiple functions.


A big problem of not having an integrated management system is the continuous appearance of redundant data.

The redundant data is data that has been repeated several times in different systems, so it can generate inconsistencies and confusion when we do some kind of analysis or report.

It is common in companies with multiple data storage locations and is easily correctable using an ERP.

Security And Authorized Access

In any type of company, the information and data that is generated are considered a commercial asset of great relevance.

That is why the security and integrity of this data are of great importance and we have to guarantee that only authorized people process and access strategic business information.

With the use of an ERP, in addition to keeping our data safe, we can give personalized access only to people who should have this authority.

Therefore, the role-based system makes the ERP a completely transparent and secure option.

These are the main disadvantages that have those companies that still do not take the step of implementing technology such as ERP.

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