Generally, insurance is one of those industries that still needs papers to perform its operations. The employees use the forms and contracts on a daily basis and therefore, data accumulation reaches at a breaking point in a few months. Papers to perform countless administration tasks multiply this burden. The company needs to get rid of this burden after a few months, but still, it becomes difficult for the management to handle business processes and the management decides to shift to paper-free environment.

An ERP system such as Sage 300 in Dubai provides a solution to all those industries that are in dire need to get rid of papers and perform tasks efficiently and effectively.

If you belong to the insurance sector and have a plan to introduce an ERP system that can support you in streamlining business processes, you need to read the benefits described in the following post:


In today’s economy, insurance sector is one of those industries, which need to follow heavy regulations in generating business. As the public money is involved in it, the government and its departments keep an eye on all business operations. We also expect changes in the regulations because legislation is a continual process. Insurance business expects from an ERP system like Sage 300 in Dubai to manage all existing regulations normally and implement required changes immediately. Being able to monitor all the data ensures insurance business remains compliant.

Data analysis

Data analysis is the most difficult task in the manual system. Therefore, we recommend a computerized system to the businesses, especially insurance companies. If your system is able to monitor, analyze, regulate data and generate information when needed, you can handle the huge data and your data analysis process becomes the easiest one.


The most significant aspect of an ERP system like Sage 300 in Dubai is its ability to collect data from different departments and manage it in a single and unified database. Insurance industry, especially needs this system because clients want immediate response from you when they buy an insurance policy from your company.

Sales Tracking

To monitor sales and its different aspects in insurance industry like sales calls, internet leads, cross-sell quotes and referrals, etc.  Sage 300 ERP is the perfect solution. With a computerized system like sage 300 ERP, you can make it possible and improve your sales as well to maximize the profits.

Customer Service

The customer service department works more efficiently, in a computerized system because you can get all the information of clients and track it properly. It helps you coordinate him timely and solve his query accordingly. You will be able to develop a strong business relationship with him through an ERP system.

With Sage ERP Accpac UAE, you can benefit from functionality that allows you to accomplish these goals in this area, so you can:

  • Provide your employees, agents, and customer service representatives with a holistic view of your customers’ portfolios.
  • Create better service, up-sell, and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns and activities through key attribute profiling.
  • Complete document management  for storing all documents, such as insurance and ID certificates.
  • Use Sage CRM to streamline sales channels, including brokers, agents, call centers, and employees. You can even create a self-service portal.

Are you still using spreadsheets in insurance industry? If yes, you need to shift your business to an ERP system like Sage 300 in Dubai. It will help you integrate all your business departments and track your data to generate immediate results and increase profitability.