Use the latest technologies to digitize your manufacturing operations and improve efficiency. Our manufacturing software can help you leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), integrate processes, increase agility – and much more.

The new era of digitalization is at its peak and manufacturing companies have the option to be a part of this world. Through digitization, the manufacturing companies can keep an eye on the manufacturing operations and activities and improve their manufacturing capabilities as well.

The traditional ERP software has been a part of our organizations for many years and help us take decisions effectively. But still, we need some improvement in the performance and efficiency of these systems. With the introduction of a modern ERP system in the world, we can enjoy improvement in the operations and financial activities.

The internet of things (IoT) has changed the whole scenario of business and SAP Business One in UAE is helpful in getting all the insights of the manufacturing firms. SAP has introduced some interesting and wonderful features and functionalities to make sure that all the information of manufacturing company has been managed through cloud management technology. This helps management and operations department take the immediate and tactically correct decisions according to the current requirement of the company and improve the overall performance.

System is integrated with SAP Cloud Platform to provide holistic analytics across manufacturing operations. This enables key manufacturing operations stakeholders to make tactical and strategic decisions to achieve best-in-class manufacturing process performance.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Improved targeting of training
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle time
  • Better exception and corrective action management

To get these required results, there is a need of developing standard KPIs. The management can modify or extend these KPIs according to their requirement. Flexibility in the policy is another major factor that can help the management changes the strategies accordingly. Therefore, the vendors of SAP Business One in the UAE also recommend the incorporation of flexibility in the KPIs. Through this system, the management can get logical answers about quality defects, requirement of improving performance, cause analysis and the result pattern, etc.

Hence, SAP Business One provides real time data and complete visibility of manufacturing operations to make sure that all the management has connected the assets globally through a digital mechanism.

The following sections of KPI are included in this ERP software:

  • Global manufacturing insights
  • Production analysis
  • Manufacturing plant performance
  • Manufacturing dashboard designer
  • KPI analytics and insight

Through this system of SAP Business One in the UAE, the manufacturers can keep all the records of IoT and its related information and prepare KPIs through it. It has actually made the manufacturing process smooth and steady and manufacturing companies feel that they have got what they expect from digitization through an ERP system.