As the UAE government has introduced VAT tax in the country and businesses nationwide are trying to find out the right software for their enterprises to manage VAT bills, experts consider it essential to help them by introducing the right ERP software in UAE.

The enterprises need VAT E bills while they move goods from one state to another or they want to do it within the state. For transportation, these bills are required and therefore, you need software that can make it possible for you. These bills will be the evidence with the invoice that VAT has been charged.

Sid says: “The way to manage VAT is to ensure that you have good record keeping, ensure your sales and the VAT on your sales are recorded properly, and the VAT on the purchases are also recorded properly.”

This article offers deeper insight into impact of VAT on ERP systems and gives a clear view of the fact that correct and efficient VAT treatment within ERP systems is no routine matter.

Let’s explore how right ERP software in Dubai can simplify the whole process!


The enterprises need ERP software when they record a transaction and generate VAT bills in just a few steps. This software will also help you generate E bills for those transactions as well, which have already been recorded. The system also facilitates the enterprises switch data in between the systems and transfer data from system to the portal and vice versa.

The enterprises need flexibility in transactions and it can only be achieved through ERP software in Dubai.

Re-entering of details is not required

When you need to generate E bills of some transactions, you must enter data to get required results. ERP software in UAE helps you skip all the processes and repetitive tasks and generate bills directly without any ambiguity.

VAT compliance

Some businesses deal with a huge list of invoices and they need to engage a specific person to segregate those invoices against which they need to generate E bills. It happens, when there is a manual system while good ERP software is VAT compliant and you need not to segregate all the invoices. The software will track all those invoices, on which you need E bills and generate invoices accordingly.

Invoices are just a one click away

Time is the most important aspect in today’s business environment and the enterprises want immediate results to manage time accordingly. ERP software is the best way to manage the time when you want to move goods from one place to another. Through this method, E bills are just a one click away and all the required information will be printed on it.

Manage exceptions

In businesses, exceptions are a routine matter, but enterprises have to face great difficulties and ambiguities while recording these unique activities. ERP software helps the organizations manage the exceptions accordingly. This software has been designed especially for managing unpredictable situations to make sure that business operations are running smoothly and steadily.