SAP Business One provides wholesaler with everything from planning and sourcing to stocking, selling and analysing performance – all in one scalable solution. With the help of SAP Business One in Dubai, the team of the wholesalers will perform exceptionally well and the management will be updated all the time.

SAP Business One for the wholesalers in Dubai and other Gulf Estates provided by BTC  has the ability to keep your customers and clients happy all the time as your staff gets the queries and feedback immediately through this system and therefore, can coordinate with them accurately and in time.

Wholesaler business gets these solutions from SAP Business One:

A rapid reply to customer needs

Remove data errors

Customer relationship management

Reduced IT costs

Proactively grow

How SAP Business One Can Help In your Wholesale & Distribution Business:

  • Provides full details of historic transactions in order to analyze the buying behavior of customers in a more preciously and balanced stock levels as appropriate.
  • This system provides a robust solution for business management that provides secure functioning of inventory, sales, purchase, CRM, accounting, and financials.
  • SAP Business One automates and improves the entire business process with efficient inventory and warehouse reporting tools.
  • Enables streamlining of processes which allow companies to reduce errors, increase margins and save time thereby improving collaboration with customers.
  • This system has the feature of improved inventory control and material planning that reduces the inventory costs.
  • Information regarding invoices, goods receipt, customers and suppliers can be managed and analyzed without much effort using a single data source which allows you to keep a constant check on your business processes.
  • This system supports mobility and can be tailored according to particular needs of the business.

For wholesalers SAP Business One offers the services to manage these aspects to improve their productivity:

  1. Manage inventory and accuracy
  2. Integrate warehousing and accounting operations
  3. Automates purchasing processes from receipts, billing, payments, invoices etc.

Here are the 3 top benefits of SAP B1 for wholesalers in Dubai

  1. Item and Vendor Master: The item master records keep track of items that are sold, purchased, and inventoried by your business.
  2. Purchasing Management: Easily manage your entire procurement process from purchase order creation to vendor invoice payment.  With a built in MRP.
  3. Warehouse and Accounting Integration: Seamlessly connecting your purchasing with warehouse management and accounting in one system.

An SAP Business One wholesale and distribution solution from BTC will help your enterprise with everything from planning and sourcing to stocking, selling and analysing performance – all in one scalable solution. Run faster and more agile with integrated, company-wide processes.

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