Do you exactly know the difference between CRM and ERP? Can you classify between when do we need ERP software and at which time should we consider CRM? Well, these are very tricky questions and entrepreneurs hardly know how to handle them. When they think that they need a computerized accounting system, and they start using any system without knowing the benefits and shortcomings and it hurts their business operations.

Factually, CRM and ERP software in dubai have many similarities and common aspects. Small businesses have no need to think deeply about both products, but the issue arises when we weigh up both the options. In the following post, we will understand the difference in between the two and also discuss the pros and cons to help you out in taking a fruitful decision.

CRM software

CRM is a system for recording and storing all information related to customer interactions. When we recommend customer relationship management (CRM) software to our clients in the UAE, we mean to address their marketing, sales and customer support and services departments and help the businesses keep all business records in a secure place. CRM software helps the organizations keep an eye on customers and their purchasing actions. It also helps streamline the sales and utilize the marketing options aggressively.

ERP software

On the other hand, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in UAE is all about the back office. The goal of ERP software is to make business processes more efficient and decrease money spent on managing those processes. ERP software is designed to manage key components of your business, from accounting, to human resources to inventory and supply chain. ERP software is highly data-driven. It enables an integrated approach to company systems and provides updated information on issues and trends. This allows you to anticipate potential problems and focus on strategic planning.

The Difference

The major difference is the implementation area because we need a CRM software when we want to take care of our front-office. On the other hand, ERP software manages our back-end processes. When you use CRM software, you need to integrate it with other systems to get acquired results. ERP software, on the other hand, can handle multiple tasks and responsibilities and it has no need of any software to run smoothly.

Businesses consider ERP software the best in the market because it addresses all the business requirements comprehensively and brings all the information at a single place to generate required results and reports from the system.CRM software need collaboration with other software so it can become issue to access a database simultaneously.

Another major difference is the purpose of both the software. ERP software is the best software to reduce the costs and increase sales. On the other hand, CRM software in Dubai helps you only increase direct revenues.

Other Aspects

When you plan to introduce software in your business, you need to understand your requirement. If you are a small business, you can proceed with CRM software that will help you develop coordination in between sales department and customers. But, when you are growing and want to engage software in the long run, ERP software is the best solution.

It does not mean that CRM software is not suitable; rather, its coordination with Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP software in the UAE make both the software a lethal combination. To get to know more about it, you need to contact one of the most experienced ERP software companies in the UAE.

ERP and CRM software are both valuable assets that allow you to make informed decisions in today’s competitive market. While there is certainly overlap between ERP and CRM systems, understanding the differences is key to developing a smart IT strategy.