Do you think that budgeting and planning are missing in Sage 300 ERP? Although, there were some options of budgeting and planning in the previous versions, but to get comprehensive and updated results, there was a need of a separate module. Sage has done it now and introduced it with the name of Sage Budgeting and Planning. So, if you need to get accurate and précised results, you must ensure that you have enabled this feature, which is totally free and automates your budgeting and planning.

In Sage 300 UAE, by using multiple budget sets, Users can define two or more budget sets with different projections based on the current and anticipated tax structures.

The Biggest Challenge For Budgeting And Planning

As it is the requirement for most of the companies, because they struggle a lot in preparing the budget and if they are able to do it, they get inefficient and inaccurate results. It needs time to prepare budgets and plan for the next year, especially, if you have a manual or low-cost system. All these issues frustrate the finance department and therefore, the managers consider it the biggest challenge. To handle the complex budgeting issue of mid-sized and large size organizations, you need advanced module of Sage 300 ERP in Dubai as simple spreadsheets cannot resolve it efficiently.

In the following post, we will describe the key features and benefits of Sage Budgeting and Planning module, so let’s have a look!

Plan Sheets

This module provides you the opportunity of integrating sheets of different departments seamlessly. The similar look of spreadsheets gives a look of simplicity and ease.

Plan Manager

We consider it the command center of the module. Through this feature, you can make the consolidation, distribution, review and revision and locking down the plan sheet easier, efficient and seamless.

Calculation And Analysis

To calculate huge values, implement formulas to reach at some specific results and analyze it for future considerations, we apply calculation and analysis feature. To develop a budget structure and assume planning, this feature also provides you “what-if-analysis” as well. This feature also helps you calculate the potential impact against your planning and budgeting as well.

General Ledger Integration

You can integrate this module with general ledger of Sage 300 ERP in UAE to avoid any mess and transfer information to both sides and in this process, you have no need to enter data more than the once.

Security And Control

Every organization wants to secure all the information, but the figures of budgeting and planning are one the most important ones and therefore, Sage Budgeting and Planning is recommended for you to allow only those users that are authorized by you.

Rapid Implementation

Implementation wizard is a wonderful feature of Sage Budgeting and Planning and Sage has specially designed it to simplify the setup and make sure that you get acquired results in no time.

Once the budget set(s) is defined, half of the work is complete. The remaining half is to try to achieve the budget. Whenever, we wish to take out the budget amounts vs. the actual amount for any of the accounts we defined, we can just run the FR (Financial Reporter) and run a predefined report to show Budget vs. Actual or design your own report using simple predefined formula in the financial reporter.