BTC HRMS represents a suite specifically for HR that not only integrates with legacy systems but can also take its place among other members of the company’s applications, which help manage, plan and maintain any organization, literally from front to back office.

Some functions can and should be pushed to employees for self-service, while others, such as integration with existing systems (ERP and Finance platforms, for example) remain with HR – but have the repetitious and resource-consuming tasks removed and automated.

The company’s customers come from a broad range of verticals across the world: professional services, public sector institutions & higher education, not-for-profits and many in service-oriented businesses.

For the HR department in your business or organization, automating troublesome and often repetitive tasks frees up staff and drives efficiencies. Tasks like leave and attendance tracking, time management (the company even offers physical clocking devices for every setting), payroll system and time-sheeting are automated, and where appropriate are ported to employee portals, so there’s no data entry necessary in the HR offices.

Staff training and on-going development

Staff training and on-going development – incredibly important in today’s seller’s jobs market – are handled on a personalized basis, with each staff member able to access their bespoke plan: self-taught, one-to-one, group learning, exams and certifications are all handled by the BTC HRMS platform.

Staff appraisals

Staff appraisals are also integrated into the employer/employee relationship cycle, offering unique opportunities for monitored feedback and dialog. Staff will be involved and empowered by BTC platform, so the positives spread right across the organization (and are not just confined to the HR department).

Hiring management

As workforce needs become apparent, HRMS presents a one-stop hiring management resource that integrates with the rest of the enterprise’s systems, saving time and money as HR proactively collaborates with colleagues who request new staff and personnel changes. There are also a host of tools for manpower planning and budgeting, so costs don’t spiral, and the company stays on track.

The HR department’s digitization and streamlining maximize organizational efficiency and allow rapid response to changing circumstances. Resources’ flexible deployment means big cost savings, happier and more strategically-focused HR staff, and a wider workforce that’s on-message, engaged and productive.

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