Hackers and their schemes have always been a part of our life and headlines for many decades as millions of organizations and businesses are still in their firing range. We have faced two recent attacks in IT industry named Ransomware and Anthem and more will be in pipeline. The purpose of these schemes is to steal the whole identity of members, their social security and credit card numbers.

These hackers are actually targeting the money, but they are not always as successful as they expect to be. But, it is the time when business owners and higher management need to take a step of incorporating secure IT services like Sage 300 ERP in Dubai for their small business for keeping the record out of the access from these hackers.

Customer is the most important person in a business and companies need to keep customer records secure and customized. Hackers target mostly to the average computer user who do not know how to handle application carefully. To make sure that your computer records are safe, you need to invest in using professional companies to handle all the important data and information.

IT And Security Experts Suggest:

  • Using financial IT services like Sage 300 ERP for small businesses in the UAE to handle all company information technically.
  • Using advanced IT services to prevent common mistakes done by the employees.
  • Taking backups of data and files and shifting to external hard drives.
  • Disconnecting this data in an efficient way so if some data may be stolen, you can be able to regenerate it properly.
  • Being very specific, targeted and careful when opening emails. If the information is in the form of game, video, joke, friend sharing, governmental or health issues, try to keep yourself away from opening these emails.
  • Keeping an updated and advanced Anti-Virus in an active condition. It will help ERP solutions like Sage 300 ERP in UAE to work smoothly and keep all data in a systematic way.
  • Keeping you away from paying ransoms against getting back your data. It will encourage hackers to keep working on stealing.

One of the biggest advantages of an ERP system is data security. After all, at the heart of the ERP concept is data. Sharing data across functional silos such as Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development enhances collaboration throughout a company. The other side to wide-spread data access is controlling who can see and edit the information. ERP solutions have intrinsic controls to ensure the security of your data. What helps ERPs maintain a high level of data security is that it provides a single input system. Merging information from multiple systems often causes conflicts between sources, but having a single repository of information helps improve the accuracy, consistency, and security of your company’s data.

Both on-premise and cloud-based ERP systems offer your organization a higher degree of security. The database system that the ERP runs off of also enables centralized backup of your critical and sensitive data. Cloud-based ERP systems, despite what many people think, offer an extra layer of security. Since all of your company’s data is managed through the cloud, they employ round-the-clock security experts to ensure their servers are protected.

Engaging third party storage like ERP cloud solutions to secure all your data in an external server, this ensures that all your information is at a right place from where you can extract data easily while being anywhere.