Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is user-friendly software in UAE and Qatar that automates processes by accessing user interfaces without touching underlying programmes. It provides a way of gaining some of the benefits of systems integration without the same level of investment.

Robotic Automation Technology has transformed the way how accounting industry function. Many forward-thinking accounting firms (and accounts departments) have unleashed new business capabilities through intelligent accounting automation technology.

For most businesses finance, accounting and payroll are considered as the tedious and repetitive functions that are prone to errors. Robo accounting and automation leads well into speeding up accounting processes without having to worry about error-prone or mundane manual tasks.

Reduce the laborious side of bookkeeping and accounting by as much as 90% and significantly improve efficiency more than you can even imagine.

Your AI digital robotic accountant can perform the following tasks for you:

Accounts receivables bot
  • A/R cash receipts processing
  • Credit checks and approvals
  • Sending invoices/notices by emails
  • Customer database maintenance
Accounts payable automation
  • Data entry of invoices into accounting system
  • Check invoice discrepancies against PO
  • Enter GL codes for each line items
  • Automating invoice workflow and approvals
  • Prepare vendor payments list
  • Supplier setup and maintenance
Operational finance and accounting bots
  • Download detailed monthly sales data
  • Calculate commissions
  • Calculate and process rebates
  • Posting details to general ledger
  • Review pricing based on customer contracts and pre-approved price lists Standard journal entries bots
  • Performing validation
  • Create monthly journal entries by receiving templates from different business users
  • Posting to accounting systems
Automated bank feeds
  • Automate download of bank/credit card statements for accounts
  • Create files and store the documents in appropriate folders
  • Create balancing journal entries to handle discrepancies
  • Reconcile balances and transactions
Account reconciliation automation
  • Perform data validation
  • Download balances into approved format
  • Create balancing journal entries to handle discrepancies
Automation Finance reviews
  • Collect data from multiple systems and sources
  • Prepare management reports and presentations for financial review
Payroll automation
  • Maintain attendance records and reminders
  • Add new staff and remove staff who have quit
  • Data entry from timesheets
  • Enter travel, pension, commission and similar information
  • Validation and reconciliation of payroll
  • Prepare payment checks for approval
  • Check and identify error prior to processing
  • Salary reviews
  • Statutory tax reporting
Why choose BTC for accounting Automation?
  • Our hands-on experience in accounting industry combined with our intelligent automation skills make us your ideal partner
  • We are efficient enough to easily develop and deploy your accounting RPA solution much quicker when compared to other companies (as we have vast prior working experience with all major and popular commercial accounting software)
  • We deliver a complete end to end solution that includes process assessment and strategy planning, then enable RPA design, implementation and support
  • We are committed to “Intelligent automation” with knowledge in accounting, finance and payroll RPA design/implementation
  • We analyze your business and quickly develop a proof of concept so that you can understand the value and potential of RPA solution (even before it is implemented)
  • We help you improve speed to market and stay ahead of your competitors

If you are currently working with RPA or considering an RPA project and would like to join the conversation please email info@btc-me.com