Support intelligent robotic process automation (RPA)  to execute processes across multiple systems, cloud solutions, and software-as-a-service offerings.

Automate repetitive manual processes by creating, scheduling, managing, and monitoring intelligent bots. With SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services, you can redirect resources toward high-value activities and processes.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Future-proof core for ongoing relevance
  • APIs that are designed to improve bot performance and continuity
At a Glance
Reduce the presence of repetitive and manual activities

Systematize time-consuming, manual activities by developing bots that support error-free, scalable tasks and help you focus on high-value processes.

Make customers happier with a better experience

Bring a new level of operational speed and efficiency to respond to customer needs proactively and augment resources to address more high-value tasks.

Reinvent processes and improve continuously

Cut across organizational barriers while driving optimal process models for maximum efficiency and taking advantage of intelligent bots to make more intelligent decisions.

Deliver greater speed and accuracy

SAP Intelligent RPA runs on SAP Cloud Platform. The services’ design studio facilitates application capture,visual workflow sequencing, scripting, and debugging. You can:

  • Design bots with step-by-step execution sequences and dependencies
  • Attach trigger mechanisms to bots for attended or scheduled-unattended execution
  • Use APIs and machine learning services to make bots intelligent
Power automation with intelligence

Bots created with SAP Business One Intelligent RPA interact with other systems at the human task layer, just as humans do. This makes sense, as the bots rep-licate the work that a person would be doing. In fact, in an intelligent enterprise, many bots may be interacting with other bots. So what happens if a user interface changes or a

system is updated? A human user would strive to adjust, to adapt to the new interface

How can RPA generate Business Value?

Improve operations to mobilize resources for high-value tasks at lower costs Increase service quality to reduce cycle times for revenue generating transactions Increase compliance and analysis capabilities (through e.g. well-documented audit trails) Reduce human errors and gain speed and efficiency

SAP Business One also revealed it is adding new services to its SAP Machine Learning platform to make it easier to build corporate chat bots and allow firms to roll them out “within days”.

SAP also revealed it plans to add smart application design capabilities to the SAP Analytics Cloud platform.

SAP used the conference to reveal a series of changes to its Cloud Platform, including:

  • The general availability of the machine learning-based integration content advisor for SAP Cloud Platform.
  • The business partner service on SAP Cloud Platform, which will deliver purpose-built master data services for managing enterprise business applications, including SAP HANA and SAP’s line-of-business (LoB) solutions.
  • SAP also revealed the private edition of SAP Cloud Platform, which will be available in data centers of SAP partners
  • New scenarios for the Cloud Integration Automation service.
  • The new SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors service.