Over the past few years, the role of HR has evolved swiftly and now HR professionals are not limited up to the recruitment and exit formalities of employees. Today, they have to work with the top management to combine HR functionalities with the intended organisational approach. Earlier, human resource department was mainly responsible for recruiting and on-boarding personnel in a company. Now, HRs are bound to play a strategic role in organisations’ innovation and success.

Considering the current scenario of HR industry in Qatar and UAE, it seems that HR professionals take extra effort in developing employee management programs and organisational development solutions. The basic idea behind creating these programs is to train and develop the staff so that the company and employees both can grow. It’s the need of the hour that HRs must involve themselves in the cultural changes of companies and initiates innovation in doing stereotypes administrative tasks.

Monitors KPIs

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that shows how effectively workers or a whole company are achieving their business objectives. Businesses should measure only things that really matter, and an HRMS can automate this process.

Improves Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service is one of the most in-demand features of modern HRMS software in Qatar and Dubai. Employees often have detailed questions about terms, conditions, salaries, leave, and so on. But it’s extremely difficult for the HR department to answer all these questions individually for hundreds of workers.

An automated HR management system provides better employee self-service and higher employee satisfaction. With an HRMS, if an employee wants to check their available paid time off, paid sick leave, or ability to work remotely, they can do it themselves. HRMS software usually provides employees with their own accounts where they can find any required information.

 Eliminates Human Error

Another leading source of unnecessary business costs is human error. Automating HR tasks reduces the likelihood of typical mistakes like double entries and gives employees the ability to double-check their work for any possible typos.

Handling Routine HR Tasks

In many companies, the HR department faces a dilemma. HR managers truly want to improve the overall work environment for employees, but most of the time they need to deal with paperwork and routine administrative tasks like processing employee information and answering questions. To address these routine tasks, companies can use a Human Resource Management System.

Manages employees efficiently

Reducing repetitive administrative tasks and automating some processes within a company improves overall efficiency. Most HRMSs make it easy to centrally collect data, automate business workflows, and add visibility by means of charts and graphs.

Is cost-effective

By replacing time-consuming data entry tasks with automated technology, you’ll save your company a great deal of money. Beyond the initial savings, automation frees a company from using paper by making all processes digital.

As with payroll management, companies also need an employee to monitor and track attendance and leave processes. But instead of hiring people to manage these processes, businesses can go digital and use an HRMS to streamline humdrum managerial tasks.

Below are some of the quick tips for HR to make the organisation more valuable:

Create a healthy working environment to encourage employees.

Involve goal-oriented staff in important decision making process.

Reward and recognition is must to appreciate the best work of employees.

Use few strategic tools to improve the inter-disciplinary information flow.

Social interactions among employees give rise to innovative processes that the management can implement.

Arrange sessions or workshops on relaxing exercises for employees to overcome their ineffectiveness or social pressure.

If HR departments are still using outdated HR systems, then it’s a big barrier in majority companies’ success. Take a small initiative and observe how technology can affect the overall organisational growth!

Adapt modernize human resource data system as a novel way to bring innovation to the company. This is the right time for employers to start using HRMS software for payroll management, employee performance appraisal, leave management, etc. Using HR software will make many HR functionalities such as administrative paperwork for new employees or training new staff for their positions or payroll processing easy and error-free. Innovation and organisational culture go hand in hand to make companies more valuable. Increase productivity and benefit the company by introducing new methods or ideas. In today’s highly competitive industry, aligning business with modern technology is a must!

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