Traditionally, the HR departments have been among the late adopters of the latest that technology has to offer. This has led to exploring the opportunities in automation in every other process that the HR department handles. A complete HR bot could automate and assist in simplifying the following HR processes. Before the advent of Robotic Process Automation powered Automation solutions, there was very little chance of automating the day-to-day tasks such as employee record updates, background verification and so on. Today’s bots can easily navigate multiple 3rd party websites, fetch information and simplify routine, mundane tasks that consume HR’s time.


Job Posting to Interview Process Automation
  • Job posting to job boards using bot
  • Candidate funnel creation
  • Automate Resume evaluation and qualification
  • Automate candidate interview scheduling
  • Contact qualified candidate via SMS, LinkedIn rather than just leaving a voicemail
  • Qualified candidate validation
Interview to Hire Process Automation
  • Candidate screening
  • Structured Interview protocol generation
  • Automate Recording and transcribing interviews
  • Offer generation
  • Offer Follow-up for joining dates
  • Background verification
  • New employee onboarding
  • Automate new employee credentials generation
  • Email Notifications to Facilities team, IT
Employee Handling
  • Employee Benefits
  • Compensation and Evaluations
  • Performance appraisals management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employee grievances management
  • Compliance
Training and Development
  • Workshops and seminars management
  • Leadership training scheduling
  • Employee development.
  • Employment laws compliance reports
  • Immigration regulations
  • Employee attendance and conduct
  • HR audits and agency penalties
  • New hire reporting
  • Employee classification
  • State disability insurance
  • Wages and hours
  • Record-keeping
  • Employee benefits
  • Paycheck deductions
  • Health and safety
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Discrimination
  • Employment contracts
  • Union contracts.
Why choose BTC RPA for HR Automation?
  • Our hands-on experience in accounting and HR industry combined with our intelligent automation skills make us your ideal partner
  • We are efficient enough to easily develop and deploy your accounting RPA solution much quicker when compared to other companies (as we have vast prior working experience with all major and popular commercial accounting software)
  • We deliver a complete end to end solution that includes process assessment and strategy planning, then enable RPA design, implementation and support
  • We are committed to “Intelligent automation” with knowledge in accounting, finance and payroll RPA design/implementation
  • We analyze your business and quickly develop a proof of concept so that you can understand the value and potential of RPA solution (even before it is implemented)
  • We help you improve speed to market and stay ahead of your competitors