SAGE 50 ME is an ideal software for you whether you are starting a family business or thinking for an established business. In small business finding customers, maintaining customer loyalty, increasing profit and sales are challenges but with SAGE 50 ME you can find easy and simple solutions to these challenges.

Top benefits of using SAGE 50 ME for small businesses are:

  • As an owner, you can coordinate with your team and financial department from anywhere through the internet. A secure environment is a key to perform financial activities and it can only be done simply through Sage 50 ME in UAE.
  • With this solution, you have no need to get backups all the time because every bit of information has been already safe on a cloud.
  • You can generate and send invoices, statements, reports, and estimates of the concerned people simultaneously.
  • Account management is easier and in access from anywhere.
  • You can identify the stock and manage it immediately when you get to know that it is diminishing.
  • Through the online system, you can generate immediate reports and take action for the business growth. The information about expenses and payment collections can also be collected without hassle at any time.

We recommend you to use an ERP solution for small businesses like Sage 50 ME in UAE for managing bookkeeping activities in your organization. It will help you avoid the hassle and keeping the business transactions smoothly. Some of the advantages are that:

  • You can provide all the details of business transactions without worrying at the time of auditing. It will also help you fulfill legal obligations.
  • The business owners and audit team want transparency in the records and computerized ERP solution like Sage 50 ME provides it with maximum clarity.
  • The finance department has to be very careful while recording transactions and an ERP solution helps the companies in this regard.



One of the most notable highlights of Sage Accounting Software is that many of your options will be highly customizable.

Whether you’re choosing which version of a Sage software to opt for, or you’re picking and choosing features to include in your own version of a Sage software, you can rest easy knowing that Sage products will ultimately be aimed to meet your business’s needs.


Yearly Pay Option

With Sage Accounting Software, you’ll have the option to go for a Sage software—Sage 50—that comes with an annual instead of a monthly payment.

This is a huge plus for seasonal businesses, or even business owners who are sick of dealing with payments every month.


When you have Sage 50 ME with you, you and your staff members can get access to the system simultaneously and everything will be managed in the routine and crucial timings.