Did you hear the news of Sage e-Commerce launching Sage 300 ERP? Well, the vendors have launched it now and you can connect your business to the international market through Sage 300 ERP in UAE.

With Sage E–Commerce, you will get additional services connected through cloud-based applications to the core ERP system. Let’s have a look at key features of Sage e-Commerce through which we get an integrated platform to get an access to the international market.

As the world’s only Sage certified eCommerce solution, it’s cost effective, easy to use, and scalable–right from the start.

Key Features

Sage 300 ERP provides you a platform of Sage e-Commerce to manage all types of B2B and B2C websites and control business processes accordingly. Some of the key features of Sage e-Commerce are:

Content Management System (CMS)

Through this system, you can easily manage products with their details and search content up and down according to your requirement through powerful CMS tools. You can easily build new pages as well with the help of CMS.

Product Display

You can display all the required information about your product through this system. You can add multiple images, wish list, display options, cross-sell promos, sizes, catalogues and sizes to provide maximum information to online users.

Checkout and Shipping

Through Sage e-Commerce, you can keep an eye all the time on checkout and shipping procedures. You can provide a mobile-optimized shopping cart to your customers with the integration of VAT as well. Through this system, you can incorporate shipping rate table to calculate different tracking packages through real time integration.

​Customer Portal

In Sage e-Commerce, the vendors also provide track orders to the customers as well and now, they can monitor shipping activity in real time. They can also do the payments online and generate invoices against their payments.

Add-on Modules

Following add-on modules are available with Sage e-Commerce:

  • Multi-language module
  • Gift registry
  • Rules-based configuration module

Sage e-Commerce is a certified tool of Sage and has become a part of Sage 300 ERP in Dubai. Now, you can integrate it with all other modules such as data entry, customer service, purchase order, inventory control and other common services required to manage the system. So, through this system with integrated Sage e-Commerce, we can not only save our money, but also help businesses strengthen their marketing activities in the international market.