SAP Business One in Dubai is operating on a release family product lifecycle with major and minor releases.  Major releases are 2007, 8.8, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2.  The current release is version 9.3.

The complete SAP Business One solution includes a maintenance contract, which is, in essence, an insurance policy for your technology investment.  By purchasing annual maintenance, you ensure access to:

Up-to-date technology:

Don’t let old technology out-date your system

New capabilities to fit more needs:

SAP constantly improves and introduces new capabilities per the product roadmap to automate more of your business

Legal changes and compliance:

SAP B1 spends significant effort in detecting legal changes.

Reactive & proactive problem resolution:

Through software patches or problem escalation to SAP support


When Should I Upgrade my SAP Business One?

This is a decision that should be made in coordination with your SAP Business One partner, who can help you review these important considerations. We at BTC, go through a Pre-Upgrade Analysis process. This process allows us to review all of the core screens of your SAP system and find out where changes are needed from the standard Business One product. We review all dashboards, alerts, workflows, Crystal Reports and XL Reporter reports. We review your user defined fields, validations, queries and logic involved as well as what third party solutions are installed and used.

Then for all the areas we see that differ from the ‘stock’ SAP Business One Upgrade solutions, we go through a series of questions with you like:

Is your SAP Business One version out of maintenance?

What version are you running?

What is the latest version of SAP Business One and when was it generally available?

Have you reviewed the enhancements and improvements in the latest version?

What is the product roadmap and when is the next version expected to release?

Have you examined your platforms to ensure your hardware and database are compatible?

Have you verified that any add-on products to SAP Business One in UAE that you are running are compatible with the new release and platforms?

Have you fully reviewed the upgrade checklist and best practices?

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