Hackers are a permanent threat for millions of organizations and businesses where digitization has been adopted. Recently, these hackers have become more powerful and attacked on IT industry with viruses named Ransomware and Anthem. The experts think that they must have more in their pipeline. They are trying to steal the whole identity of members, their social security and credit card numbers for getting financial benefits and getting ransom from those who need their data immediately.

Many digital storage professionals suggest developing a process for duplicating sensitive data to keep it secure. While backing up information solves the initial threat of losing sensitive information permanently, it becomes vitally important to protect these copies from criminals and unexpected disasters.

These hackers want money but cannot be successful all the time and they know it too. But, if you want to avoid it, you need to incorporate secure IT services like Sage 300 ERP in UAE for your businesses to keep all the information away from the hackers.

 If you keep business financial records directly on your local computer, then your computer is the weak link and you need to protect it. Install an antivirus software package on your desktop, limit access to the drives on that computer, and make sure that its important files and folders are always backed up to an external, off-site, or cloud-based storage location.

Also, when you delete your drives, don’t simply delete them. Many files can still be recovered even after they are deleted. Have the drive wiped clean or reformatted.

For all businesses, customer is a key and hackers always want to get data and blackmail the owners. A secure IT service like Sage 300 ERP in Dubai helps you secure your customer record and avoid it from hackers. To make sure that your computer records are safe, you need to buy a secure IT system which will help you manage all business transactions safely and securely.

To keep you safe from hackers, IT and security Experts suggest:

  • Using financial IT services like SAP Business One for small businesses in UAE to handle all company information technically.
  • Using advanced IT services to manage common mistakes of the employees.
  • Taking backups of all data and shifting it to external drives.
  • Disconnecting this data in an efficient way
  • Being very specific, targeted and careful when opening emails.
  • That if the information is in some other form except office files, try to keep your system away from it
  • That you must have an updated version of some authentic Anti-Virus Provide to keep your data and information away from the hackers.
  • Informing cyber-crime division in your country and not giving any ransom to anyone.

Engaging third party storage whether it is in a form of cloud or you have external hard drives from where you can extract data quite easily. You must ensure that your complete data must be at a specific location and which is away from hackers.

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