ERP development has been improving since its introduction in the market, but there is a buzz that it will change extravagantly in 2019. You will experience tremendous changes in the software in the current year due to the advancements we are expecting at the moment. 

It is the achievement of this business solution that most of the business managers, chief financial officers, finance and account managers and production heads appreciate the efforts of ERP software in the success of businesses in the UAE.  

The businesses are relying on ERP software now and think that efficient business management is possible only through a computerized system. It also helps them compete in the market and improve the services provided to the customers and clients as well. 

The same is being expected in 2018 so let’s explore how it will happen! 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of any ERP software in UAE. We will see evolution in 2019 as we will have an advance analysis system with artificial intelligence. It will help the businesses tackle big data, with ease and convert it into reports to see insights of the organization. Through this system, we will not only forecast more efficiently, but also manage the resources for our benefit. 


Global boundaries will be no more in 2019 as with ERP solution, the data can be collaborated globally. Through advanced ERP technology available now, we will move data from one location to another without any issues. Data syncing is the first example of globalization and we can see now that users can access data from anywhere. 


The Focus Will Be Towards Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Initially, it was considered that ERP software was only for large organizations. In 2019, we will see the change in it and through cloud deployment, SMEs will use advanced client based ERP system like SAP B1 UAE and along with that, they will bear low costs to afford it. 

More Advanced Features 

The complexity was another drawback of ERP system in the past, but now the vendors work hard to make it simple and user-friendly. To achieve it, they are introducing advanced features to improve its functionality with maximum automation and security. 

In-Memory Computing 

It is the new technology which means that data will process only on RAM and you will store data on hard disk. This process will allow you to regularize the cache the access becomes easier and quicker. 

Cloud ERP software will reach a tipping point.

The trend toward cloud systems has been gaining steam for several years now, but this is the first year where major vendors are all doubling down on their cloud offerings. The coming year may be the year where one of these two conflicting pressures win out and cloud systems are either more widely accepted – or the trend proves to be a short-lived fad.

Capital investments in digital transformation initiatives will continue.

With the global economy continuing to improve, more companies scaling for growth, and capital investments continuing to gain momentum, more companies will be more likely to invest in their digital transformation initiatives. Other contributing factors to this trend: more companies are reaching the end of their legacy system lifecycles dating back to Y2K system replacements, and more industries are going through major, market-driven transformations

2019 is going to be the exciting year for the vendors and users of ERP solution in Dubai. This software will help you drive towards growth and make this year special for you.