Are you looking forward to buy a suitable business solution like SAP Business One in Dubai? If yes, there will be an obvious question which will be asked from you and that will be: “Whether you want an on-premises system or you need SAP Business One in the cloud?”

This question is directly related to all types of ERP solutions like SAP Business One as these applications help the businesses to schedule the business processes and message instantly to the specific person about it. It is also important to tell you that every business prefers to use cloud for such business applications and it is expected that 92% users of these applications will be shifted in the cloud till 2020. This means that on-premises use of ERP systems will not be the favorite option for the businesses soon.

But it does not mean that it is a must to buy the ERP system which runs from cloud data centers. We will discuss differently and want to emphasize that on-premises ERP systems like SAP Business One in UAE is equally good for small and medium enterprises.

Now, the question is which level of SAP Business One is going to be implemented in your organization. The options which must be considered before deployment are:

  • Are you going to buy a regular ERP system for using in your office premises?
  • Is the marketing team of SAP Business One is insisting you to buy the system available in the cloud?
  • Whether the marketing team is telling you that they are providing both types of services and both have specific domains or they want to sell on-cloud system just to get more from you?

For an organization, whether small, medium or big, it is very important to find a right option when it is going to implement new business solution. You must get to know that you always need a customization in the system and the fact is that some of it is not available in the cloud. It is also important to mention that there are many SMEs which have no need of on-cloud ERP system as their business size is of a normal size and the management is easier.

Another thing which we want to mention is that some companies are also in the market which need in-cloud solution so this discussion is only suitable for those who have no need to buy it as in some businesses, the management and business owners have to access the system through cloud as they cannot be available all the time in the office premises.

Now the points due to which on-cloud business solutions like SAP Business One in UAE are considered for helping you out in such a confused situation.

  • In those conditions where SAP Business One in the cloud is not suitable for you, the most important one is that these types of ERP systems are engaged only due to the flexibility of these solutions. But, when we consider ERP in the cloud, there is some rigidness and you have to face some limitations and due to this particular reason, on-cloud system is not recommended.

  • Some of the marketers will try to convince you by saying that with the help of cloud, the senior management can be available all the time but it is not as important as it is said. By implementing some securities in the in-house business solution, you can see all the details when you visit the office. The managers need not to see all the time business operations as their managers are there to do so.

  • Another thing which should be kept in mind in this regard is that most of the owners of SMEs are available all the time in their offices and shops so they have access all the time to ERP system.

  • Some of the business owners think that the future belongs to cloud data centers, but it is not the fact. The reality is that some of the big names in their industries have shifted their cloud based businesses to on-premises solutions so there is no major change in the coming years.

  • The last but not the least factor is the ERP system in the cloud is more expensive and for SMEs, it is difficult to bear it. If your business operations and process can run successfully with the help of on-premises business solution, than there is no need to buy the expensive ERP system in the cloud.