As a small business owner, you will be aware about the fact that there are numerous business elements that have a need of constant attention for facilitating the overall functioning of a business. Among these, one that needs to be up-to-date and scratch is an accounting and Bookkeeping methods. If these duties will be filled in-house, these will take a lot of time, requires more effort and limits efficiency and workflow. The other option is to hire an outbound accountant, but it needs high cost that is difficult to afford by a small business.

Fortunately,  accounting software is available that take care of all requirements and gives you permission to manage your accounts yourself, without creating a burden on your finances as well as on time. Here are some ways in which your small business will avail advantage after investing in financial accounting in UAE and Qatar:


Most of the businesses hire the professionals for accounting and bookkeeping needs because their main concern is to secure their information. This increases the distance between people and online solutions. They have a fear in mind that if they will save data online, sensitive information will compromise. With this software, your account details will be absolutely safe, you can check the financial situation of your business anytime and makes client invoicing easy.

Intuitive user interface

This software is basically created for those people who do not have more experience in accounting and bookkeeping. It is easy-to-use and has capability to perform most of the work for you. Data will be maintained quickly and easily and you will remain on the top of your accounts without wasting time in complex software.


Undoubtedly, this software is a more affordable option to manage accounts in comparison to in-house servers that results in a large cost and outbound accountants to whom you need to pay high amount. There are some software providers who offer the business owners to purchase software along with a subscription.


Without accounting software means more paperwork that ultimately point towards an efficiency problem. This software provides a universalized system, in which you can store information, you will get fewer inaccuracies and you need to spend less time for correcting them.

Achieve efficient transaction- and position-based accounting

Our accounting software manages your company’s financial instruments in a seamless processing interface, saving everything in one place, with real-time data available for performance analysis and reporting at all times. When you close periods, you can keep and maintain separate holdings frozen for previous periods, and you can recalculate or recreate previous period results based on the original holdings.

Benefit from automated and flexible technology

To save you time and reduce operational risk, the accounting platform provides automation of daily, monthly, or yearly administrative and accounting work, such as amortization, accruals, mark-to-market, and calculation of unrealized P/L. Thanks to seamless platform integration, you benefit from the extensive instrument coverage and an efficient mark-to-market process. For asset control and auditing, you have online access to full pricing documentation and the capability to customize delivery of all required financial reports. The Portfolio STP functionality lets you replace time-consuming work common to batch processing with fully automated workflows. The Portfolio STP Dashboard and Alerts functionality gives you a visual overview of data values and related exceptions so you can act quickly.

Grow with multiple parallel investment accounting frameworks

The Investment Accounting Manager software allows you to keep dual or up to 10 books of records in parallel without the need to duplicate a trade. You can set up accounting rules per asset class or even sub-set of the asset classes for each book of records, and you can make general ledger postings from one or several of the different books.

Meet all your accounting needs within a single system

As part of our integrated solutions, the accounting for investments module offers:

  • Improved operational efficiency and transparency with a single-database system
  • Customized delivery of all required financial statements


If you are finding an enterprise resource planning software system for your business in Qatar or UAE, then Sage 300 ERP software is an option for you. With this, you will get help with various sectors and services of your business such as financial services, professional services, distribution and wholesale markets and public sector.