ERP Software required for better planning and effective payment system for construction industry.


With Solution which BTC is providing have the module for construction industry which will able to improve the performance of all business processes and collaborate additional closeness with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers; become additional competitive; track in-house and contract work force request, manage its equipments and effectively deliver the goods to meet customers’ business goals.


Optimizing Planning

Construction ERP software can be implemented to make provision for controlling expenses and budgetary allocation. It also helps avoid unnecessary downtime and contractual issues with clients throughout the duration of the project.

Streamlining Project Management

With the help of an ERP system, construction managers can easily monitor the status of each project, create milestones, delegate assignments to the right staff, and keep track of staff timesheets with just a few clicks. Real-time data enables contractors to track the time each staff spends on each task, making it easier for them to bill clients.

Facilitating Cost & Revenue Estimation

ERP software can be used to determine accurate estimation required for raw materials, designs, labor, and the duration to carry out a project, so that the actual costs will not deviate much from the projected costs.

Mobile migration

Even now, many contractors are still not bringing a full set of ERP functions into the mobile environment, limiting the productivity and flexibility of their staff members onsite. If mobile objectives are going to remain a priority going forward (and they will), future deployments will subsequently need to feature a broader range of capabilities.

Integration Across Platforms

Contractors need to begin integrating their tools for resource planning with other software solutions to ensure that data flows seamlessly between domains. Breaking down barriers between applications is a critical factor for success for all construction firms


  • ERP software makes the data exchange easier through resources and firewalls that support optimal data security. Contractors can also provide restrictions on their data; which one can be shared with the client or which one can be seen by the employees.
  • A centralized system helps improve efficiency by providing a comprehensive view of a particular situation prior to making decisions. Whenever staff are required to correlate information from different sources, the ERP software assists in extracting data and providing relevant criteria that require adjustments before fulfilling a request.
  • ROI can not only be measured in the form of money, but also in the form of other benefits. Regardless of how it is measured, contractors certainly want to increase their ROI from time to time. This can be achieved more easily with the help of ERP software.

BTC has experience with ERP solutions for the construction industry. What we offer is based on a clear methodology, on detailed knowledge of the processes in the industry, and on outstanding know-how when it comes to products. Our experts will be happy to advise you about the unique opportunities that are available to you through the use of integrated modern software technologies. Just get in touch with us. We are looking forward to talking with you about how your company can benefit.