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HRMS combines many systems and processes to ensure that HR management system of data keeping, payroll, training and other important human resource functions can be done smoothly. It is a perfect place for you to find such a solution which will record all the essential details of your employees and update it according to the requirements of the situation. This HR system will make possible to generate all types of reports by just clicking a single button.

As the size of the organization increases with a passage of time, there is a need to incorporate an intelligent HR system into the business to keep the operations and productivity consistent with a progressive growth. The team of experts at BTC is just the ones to consult and hire services.

HR functions of employee information and tracing are centralized in one system and HR can access this information even after their business hours. It lessens the hassle of paperwork with tracing timing and performance of every individual, centralizing the data with secure connections, through this software you can make custom for travel, exit, onboarding etc.

HRMS helps companies to do their HR tasks, sparing the employees to focus on other important tasks, which ultimately brings speedy information, accuracy, and efficiency at work. It also ensures that the information has easy access, reliable and accurate.

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If you want your business to upgrade in the field of HR then BTC has a solution for you i.e. HRMS in UAE. This software solution not only helps in HR functions task done but also plays a vital role in adding features to the entire business.

Here are some functions that BTC provides with its solution of HR Software for small business in Dubai.



HRMS helps you with making the lengthy process of payroll done within no time with payroll software in UAE. You do not need much effort to make it, this solution provides you with making it speedy and with accuracy. This reliable system gives you all record of previous and present updates.

With payroll software in Dubai with some clicks now, salary is generated for each and every employee working for your company. It makes this process accurate by evaluating every perspective like attendance timings, loan deductions, statutory deductions, loss of pay, balancing pay of previous months, advance payment/salary or any other defined pay by the company.

HRMS generate Wage Protection System (WPS) file which is a safe and secure method to pay employees salary through a bank, foreign exchange office and other financial institution. WPS has these advantages.
Secure employees wages
Reduce time and effort to pay salaries to each employee individually.
Establish transparency
Improve job security in order to strengthen work relationships in the UAE and safeguard the rights of all parties concerned




HRMS saves employee record of all employees in your company with Employee software in Dubai. It helps in getting employees information of all type at a glance without opening files for every individual. Moreover, it gives information that you saved after business hours also.

This software enables many individuals who are working in the organization to access data directly and obviously, it allows after security check and allows authorized persons only, in this way the data is secure and the information is accessible within no time.




HRMS also helps in administration task related to human resource department with the latest technology, resulting in improved business operations. It has added the feature of adding spouse in insurance, doing self-employees tasks. HR software In UAE help employees to do everything in an organized manner with lesser time.





Recruitment is a long process from publishing an advertisement to decide the terms and condition of the company. HRMS features to help companies with this effort by applying technological information. During the training phase also, training software in Dubai allows employees to go to the next step saving time and money.

With the advanced system of HRMS UAE, you can engage a job applicant by viewing the status and communicate according to with the company with recruitment software. It saves your time greatly by only highlighting that applicant which has a certain qualification. 




This function helps businesses keep track of employees, monitor them and evaluating them with the justified result. As there are no chances of error as the evaluation is done through the proper system and thus no employee can say that evaluation is unjustified. Good performance evaluation method motivates employees to work in a better way and results in the betterment of the company.

Now the managers do not have to do long meetings and sessions to evaluate performance, but there is a need to understand this software and it gives a record of every employee at a glance.



HRMS has a feature to keep the most important job of HR i.e. attendance record. Through attendance software in Dubai, you can review the attendance of each employee record in a precised window with simple methods. It shows the absenteeism record and keeps track of that in an organized manner.

Attendance system UAE tracks time and attendance both accurately with helps the organization to save money and improve business operations. Time and attendance software can also be integrated with human resources management systems and payroll systems to simplify and streamline many functions within the organization.



The learning system is used by organizations to save time and improve business operation, this is an advanced system through which companies do training in a systemized manner, do the test, evaluate progress and performance. Training content preparation and implementation are easy and accurate with the learning management system LMS. If used properly it reduces cost and time.

Proper LMS allows the administrator to upload content in advance and then students or employees get the information whenever it is needed or convenient for them. This system can be availed across verticals


Quick and Easy Registration of New Employees
  • Make the registration of new employees easier and faster through our fully functional HR system for the companies in UAE.
  • Will be able to onboard the newly registered employees in the most convenient way to complete details.
Managed and Secure Legal Corporate Documents
  • All the companies in UAE and GCC to manage HR system according to the regulations for that, the compliance is a must which can be achieved by hiring our expert services.
  • The system can guide you smartly through all the legal processes and documentation to help in creating an automated system and keeping the business growth incremented.

Employee Management System
  • Automated HR system also keeps your administration process up-to-date
  • It provided you with all the details by sending a simple command through simple clicks.
  • You can also handle the leave management system of all the employees, salary slips,employee calendars, no objection certificates (NOC) for different needs, employee expenses and the performance sheet of each employee.
  • Employee benefits and compensation are also the part of this HR system for your company in the United Arab Emirates.


  • It keeps the data with backup on a cloud server. So security of data is stored with this application
  • It decreases risk mitigation by providing read and accepts facility so no employee can deny from training or information provided
  • Helps management to review information and record at a glance
  • Gives justified result as the evaluations are done on systems.
  • Helps in administration task through proper paperwork system and keeping a record of employees
  • This integrated system helps in improved communication within the organization.
  • HRMS in Dubai helps you save your cost by hiring fewer employees in this department.


If you want to upgrade your companies productivity with reduced cost and improved operations then let us know your choice.


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