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BTC provides best in class Human Resource Management Software in UAE. Whether you are looking for HR Management or payroll system in Dubai, BTC offers you the most affordable and powerful system across UAE as it combines many systems and processes to ensure that HR management system of data keeping, payroll, training and other important human resource functions can be done smoothly. It is a perfect place for you to find such a solution which will record all the essential details of your employees and update it according to the requirements of the situation. This HR system will make possible to generate all types of reports by just clicking a single button.

HR functions of employee information and tracing are centralized in one system and HR can access this information even after their business hours. It lessens the hassle of paperwork with tracing timing and performance of every individual, centralizing the data with secure connections, through this software you can make custom for travel, exit, onboarding etc.

BTC Human Resource Management System offers a complete HR & Payroll Software Solutions for the organization, who wish to increase the employee productivity for a business. It allows a business to efficiently manage the entire Human Resource life cycle. Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE is well developed to eliminate unwanted costs involved in a business. Furthermore, if you are in need of HRMS Software or Payroll Software or other functionality softwares related to Human Resource. Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE offers your business a complete all in one package.


BTC HRMS (Human Resource & Payroll Management software) an ultimate HR and Payroll Software Solution is a complete and comprehensive software package for small, mid-sized and large businesses. It further ensures maximum human resource and payroll processing efficiency, productivity and indirect profits by reducing unwanted overhead costs. This software solution not only helps in HR functions task done but also plays a vital role in adding features to the entire business.

Our HRMS software key features Involves:

Employee Data Management

Employee Self Service Portal

Document Management

Asset Management

Leave Management

Shift Management

Employee Time Management

Fast and accurate payroll processing

Wages Protection System (WPS)

Customized reports

User defined policy

Final settlement

performance evaluation

Organizational hierarchy

Payroll Management

Here are some functions that BTC provides with its solution of HR Software for small business in Dubai.


  • BTC HRMS provides a better control on your payroll process
  • Automatic Deductions and allowances calculation before processing payroll
  • Prepare the trial and make final Payroll Check list for the Employees
  • Supports Bank Accounts and multiple currencies
  • Prepare Payroll Segment wise like division, department, cost center.
  • Bank Account Transfer
  • Generate Email for the Pay slip
  • Generate payroll JV
  • Generate unlimited reports

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  • Job Classifications and Requirement posting
  • Register Applicants and CV creation
  • Job Applications : Receive CV’s Online
  • CV Short listing and Interview Scheduling
  • Interview Summary
  • Selected Candidates Database
  • Employment Offers and Contract Negotiation
  • Employee On Boarding
  • Updating Applicant data into Employee Profile
  • Create unlimited user defined field for flexible reporting.


  • Merging of employer and employee details that require Wage Protection System report.
  • Provides a complete automated system that generate Wage Protection System compatible with Reports.
  • Generates SIF (Salary Information File) in accordance with WPS.
  • Also, generates Salary File as per the required format of the customers, such as, SIF (Salary Information File) and CSV (Coma Separate Value Excel.
  • Validates the data before generating SIF.
  • Provides the list of Financial Institution/Banks as authorized by Central Bank of UAE.


  • Availability of Pay slips to the employees after the payroll finalization. The sample format can be provided.
  • Employee requests for further approval for: 1. Business Card 2. Salary Certificate
  • View employee document and information
  • Salary advance request and approvals
  • Travel request and approvals
  • Transfer request and approvals
  • Visa and other documents request and approvals
  • Other documents request and approvals
  • Request type configuration
  • Manage All type of Employee Requests, like Passport, Leave, Travel, Certificates.
  • Create Timesheet for the employees
  • Add Dependents
  • Employee can see his profile, approvals, Payslips…etc
  • Employee Reports


  • Create unlimited Leave Rules
  • Manage leave benefits with leave rules
  • Create general template for each leave rule
  • Apply Leave rule for any group of Employees
  • Leave Application Entry
  • Leave approval status check with Leave Accrual
  • Leave Salary Process
  • Employee Duty Resumption
  • Check anytime Employee Leave status
  • Bird Eye View of Who is on Leave
  • Employee Leave balance viewer
  • Online Leave Application entry
  • Online Approval for any leave
  • Track Employee on Duty


  • BTC HRMS Provides Flexible Employee profiles with complete details integrated with various modules.
  • Employee Dashboard
  • Employee Job Description
  • Categorize Employee Segment creator
  • Apply the Pay Category with Different earning and deductions
  • Manage and update Employee Salary details & history
  • Employee Contact and Communication Details
  • Manage Temporary Allowances and Deduction Details
  • Employee Skills and Work history update
  • Employee Training Details
  • Employee Dependent details
  • Employee Leave and leave accrual details
  • Employee Awards & Recognition details
  • Employee Disciplinary Actions
  • Document Attachment integrate with module for Expiry tracking
  • Define Payment Method of Payment
  • Employee Overtime and Calculation details
  • Create unlimited employee group
  • Track Active/In Active Employees
  • “As Of” Reporting
  • Reminders
  • Reporting : Crystal Report Designer
  • Query Builder
  • Import/Export Employee Details


  • Goal Management (Management Goal, Employee Goal Setting)
  • Align goals with Organization Chart
  • Conduct evaluation
  • Multi browser compatibility
  • User specific permission
  • Custom factors setting
  • Link to Training Courses
  • Cascading a Goal
  • Route for Approval
  • Categories
  • Competencies
  • Rating Keys
  • Prepare for Appraisal
  • Finalize for Appraisal
  • Appraisal Results Total Appraisal Report
  • Best performers list, Poor performers list
  • Next Appraisal date
  • Appraisal Reminder thru routing
  • Report Completed Appraisals by an Employee
  • Self Review


  • Create Document Type
  • Attach unlimited documents
  • Manage Document Expiry Alerts
  • Different types of document can be attached with the same Employee profile
  • Bulk attachment for all Employee Documents
  • Document Search Facility
  • Expiry are reminded through emails and pop-ups
  • Movement of documents can be tracked through Document Inventory


  • It keeps the data with backup on a cloud server. So security of data is stored with this application
  • It decreases risk mitigation by providing read and accepts facility so no employee can deny from training or information provided
  • Helps management to review information and record at a glance
  • Gives justified result as the evaluations are done on systems.
  • Helps in administration task through proper paperwork system and keeping a record of employees
  • This integrated system helps in improved communication within the organization.
  • HRMS in Dubai helps you save your cost by hiring fewer employees in this department.
  • Centralized HR Delivery model connect your all organization and Centralized Employee Access.
  • Segment wise Budgeting
  • Update Employee skills and experience for Employee Succession planning.

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