Plan Project Tasks And Resources With Sage 300 Resource Manager

Fully based on Sage 300, the Back-End application maintains the basic files, system options and approval workflows to run Sage 300 Resource Manager. After employees’ timesheets, expense, requisitions and overtime reports are approved, the Back-End users can post these documents directly to Sage 300 modules.

Self Service Portal

The web based application provides a self service portal for employees to enter expense reports; cash advance requests, timesheets and requests for annual leave. The solution is secure with the requirement for management approval. A manager is able to review the requests and make an approval or rejection through the portal.

Multi-currency Support

Sage 300 Resource Manager includes full multi-currency support for expense reporting and reimbursement and enables multiple levels of approval for timesheet, expense and leave requests. Once a request has been made an email notification can be set up to ensure management are aware and can deal with requests in a timely manner

Saving Time

Once a request has been approved users are able to post these documents directly into the Sage 300 ERP modules saving time and increasing the accessibility of these vital resources.



  • Provides 100% web-based Employee Self-Service portal.
  • Enters timesheet and expense report anytime and anywhere with detail comments.
  • Sets up multi-level approval workflow for timesheet, expense and leave request.
  • Posts timesheet and expense report to Sage 300 ERP automatically.
  • Facilitates document submission and approvals with email notification.
  • Sets up multi-level approval workflow for timesheet, expense and leave request.
  • Full multi-currency support for expense reporting and reimbursement.
  • Approval Workflow
  • Provides a powerful and easy-to-maintain approval engine.
  • Allows user to set up multi-level approval path according to your organization rules.
  • Option to enable or disable approval path for employee.
  • Facilitates the approval process with automatic E-mail notification.

Expense Tracking

  • Unlimited expense codes for G/L account
  • Set up an expenses budget and limit to keep costs under control
  • Expenses can be set against divisions, regions, departments and cost centres
  • Enter Multi-currency expenses
  • Reimburse expenses to specified and functional currency with conversion
  • Expenses can be billable or non billable
  • Automatically calculate purchase tax for expenses
  • Reference multiple documents to an expense report with attachments
  • Create A/R Invoices to bill customers for billable expenses
  • Provides multi-dimensional inquiry or expense history

Time Tracking

  • Work Calendar can be set up to define workday and holiday for employees
  • Timesheet periods can define the schedule for timesheet submissions
  • Displays timesheet in grid or in/out format
  • Time can be entered against division, region, department and cost centre
  • Enters time against PJC contract, project and category if PJC is integrated
  • Posts timesheets to PJC Timecard and Payroll Timecard
  • Provides Multi-dimensional inquiry of employee’s time usage

Leave Tracking

  • Use unlimited leave codes to track employee leave
  • Quick and easy to keep track of leave history
  • Sets up the accrual & reset rule to update the available days for leave automatically
  • Automatically Copies leave time to timesheet
  • Employee can find the available days of vacation on Employee Self Service Portal
  • Employees leave request can be cancelled with approval by managers
  • Provides multi-dimensional inquiry of employee’s leave history